Nature activities

Let’s take a trip!

You can make many trips near the Cottage, just by yourself or on a guided tour, and also hike further into the wilderness, see the rapids or enjoy the calm riverside. You can find wildlife haunts and observation decks and hear a moose in the forest, see hazel grouses sprinting or a beaver swimming in the nightfall. A cup of coffee from a smoky coffee pot and some grilled open-fire sausages provide a special ambiance for the event.

Activities near the Cottage

The pond of three natural springs and the Eteläjoki river close-by provide various activities for everybody. You can swim, jog, run and afterwards go to the sauna. You can bike or kayak. You can do yoga inside the Cottage or Chamber, and in the summertime also outside by the pond or on the rock cliff. In the wintertime, you can swim in the pond ice hole!

You can also inquire about special activities for your group.

Animal kingdom

If you like waking up very early in the morning or walk in the forest late in the evening, you might see a white-tailed deer, a fox, a moose or a beaver. If you are extra lucky, you can spot a white-tailed eagle gliding up in the air.

More domesticated animals can be found as well: horses at Kellahti stables, Highland cattle at Langoura grass fields or alpacas at Humiseva Harju Alpaca Farm in Ahlainen. There is also a lovely petting zoo, Koivuniemen Herra (also known as MuuMaa) in Merikarvia.